Every person using electricity is obliged to pay end-user fees regardless of whether the person uses the services of the Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS). This obligation applies to households as well as employers. The obligation of entrepreneurs and companies is related to the number of employers.
Payment of end-user fees by entrepreneurs and companies is subject to different criteria than payment applicable to natural persons. Employers pay end-user fees if they employ at least three (3) employees. It does not matter if they actually use the services of the Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS). Employees are defined as people who work on a contract of indefinite duration (TPP). The total number includes the employer as well. Students and people working on fixed-term contracts are not included.

End-user fee rates for companies in the year 2018

Monthly rate Number of employees
4,64 € 3-9
18,58 € 10-49
79,66 € 50-249
199,16 € 250-999
464,71 € 1000 and more
Companies and entrepreneurs may choose to pay the fees monthly, quarterly or annually in advance.
If you fail to pay the fee, you will be subject to sanctions. RTVS will call upon you to pay the amount due. If you fail to respond to the appeal, you will be sanctioned. The fine fee, just like the other fees, depends on the number of employees.

Fine rates for not paying end-user fees

Fine rate Number of employees
33 € 3-9
66 € 10-49
100 € 50-249
133 € 250-999
166 € 1000 and more
You cannot avoid payment of end-user fees RTVS verifies the number of employees through the Social Insurance Company, so you cannot avoid payment of end-user fees.
How to apply for payment of end-user fees. You can handle the whole process easily via the internet. Register as an employer and a new payer. You may pay the fees with a bank card. Simple registration will allow you to access your account, make changes and set up e-mail notifications for payment of fees.
Legal document: Law no. 340/2012 coll. Law on payment for public service provided by the Radio and  Television of Slovakia.