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Advisory services

We will discuss and advise you on selecting a suitable form of enterprise so that you can realize your plans with ease. We will inform you about necessary procedures when establishing a company.

We will establish your sole trade without you having to visit offices. Acting upon credentials, we will fill out forms and submit all the necessary applications.

We establish companies and organizations with discretionary powers. We always consult a client beforehand so that the selected form of enterprise matches your business goals and does not present an unnecessary administrative burden.

Under certain circumstances, foreign companies are obliged to found an establishment in Slovakia. With our help, you will avoid mistakes and make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the Slovak financial administration.

Free movement of labour within the European Union brings about uncertainty regarding which social and health system you belong to. With our help, you will make sure you have fulfilled all the duties to the relevant offices.

We provide representative virtual headquarters in our facilities, processing of received mail, welcoming of visitors and renting of conference rooms.

Be aware of constant changes. With discretionary powers, we will update data in both the Business Register and the Trade Register. Do not waste time filling out forms and leave this task to experts.

You will occasionaly need to prove to your business partner or to the state – in case you provide services to the state – that you do not owe money on taxes and levies. We will process and submit these applications to offices for you.

The overall labour costs in Slovakia are still very high. Take control of your employees‘ wages and consult us about a suitable model of employment relationship or another form of cooperation with employees.

    Your personal data will be used solely for the purpose of resolving your query.

      Your personal data will be used solely for the purpose of resolving your query.